Monday, November 4, 2013

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Before winter arrives prepare your home for the harsh conditions of this weather. Here are some winter home maintenance tips for the cold temperatures ahead.

  • Get your furnace serviced by the Certified HVAC technician to ensure its properly running and to avoid any breakdown during peak winter.

  • Check, clean and replace furnace filter if required.

  • Winterize your house by closing the shut off valves for outside Hose bibs from inside the house and then draining the all the water out between inside shut off valve and outside Hose Bib to prevent bursting of the pipe causing basement flooding.

  • Make sure the attic is properly ventilated and insulated to prevent development of ice damns in winter. 

  • Monitor your home for excessive moisture levels which can cause significant damage over time and pose serious health problems and take corrective action if necessary.

  • All exposed water pipes in cold areas, such as attics, garages, and crawlspaces, should be insulated.

  • Examine windows, doors and attic for ice or frost accumulation or cold air leaks.

  • Clean humidifier two or three times during the winter season.

  • The chimney should be inspected for nesting animals trying to escape the cold.

  • Patio furniture should be covered.

  • If there is a deck, it might need an extra coat of sealer.

  • Repair / fill any small cracks in bricks and foundation wall. Ice has more volume than water any water in the cracks will expand when changed to ice, making the crack bigger.

  • Get your annual Home Inspection done by the Qualified Home Inspector to identify any other areas of concern which needs your attention.

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