Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is finally over and its time to embrace the summer. Following is a checklist for keeping your home and its systems running optimally!

1. Get your Air conditioner serviced by Licensed HVAC contractor.

2. Check the filters of HVAC system and clean / replace depending on model.

3. Check  roof covering (shingles etc.) to check for any damage due to snow.

4. Clean gutters of debris for proper drainage.

5. Check grading around the house to see that water is not flowing / ponding near the foundation. This will prevent leaky basement in case of heavy rains.

6. Cut / Trim grass regularly near the house to prevent water proper drainage of water away from the house.

7. Check for cracks in caulking around windows, doors and any penetrations in the wall, to prevent water penetration.

8. Check for cracks in mortar joints and in foundation walls. If they are big enough to allow water penetration then get them repaired by qualified contractor.

9. The other area which mostly gets damaged by snow is your driveway and sidewalk. Check for signs of cracking and settlement.

10. Make sure that the Sump Pump (if present) in the house is working properly.  

Maintaining your house will not only save you money down the road, your house will also last and look good for many years to come.
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