Thursday, January 2, 2014

Condensation on windows

What is it?

Condensation refers to the accumulation of moisture on the window panes. It is an indication of high levels of relative humidity inside the house. Warm air can hold much higher water vapour content than colder air. When the warm air comes in contact with the glass panes which are colder (in winters), the air temperature reduces and so does it ability to hold water vapours. When the temperature of air reaches dew point, the excess water vapours changes to liquid and drips down the windows as condensation.

How to prevent condensation?

In order to prevent condensation the relative humidity or the moisture content of the inside air has to be reduced as well as circulation of air near the windows needs to be improved.

Condensation can be prevented by:

1. Increasing the air circulation near the windows. That can be achieved by opening the louvers and curtains and also if the weather permits opening up the windows. In winters fan can be used to improve the air circulation around the window as well.

2. By using dehumidifier to reduce the humidity of the air.

3. Running kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans till fifteen to twenty minutes after taking the bath or cooking.

4. Checking the exhaust pipe for any leaks for your clothes dryer.  Clothes dryer exhaust contains high degree of moisture in it and if not properly sealed can add a great deal of moisture to the inside air.

5. Checking and changing your furnace filters regularly.

6. Caulking around the windows to prevent air leakages.

7. Cleaning vents and ducts every 1 to 2 years.

8. Repairing any cracks in foundation walls, floors.

9. Installing double glazed or insulated glass windows instead of single pane glass windows if any present in your house.

Excessive condensation can cause permanent damage to the windows and can promote mold and fungi growth in the house. Therefore, it should be controlled and mitigated for heath of your family.

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